catsincircleNaturoPETic believes that to ensure optimal health for our dogs and cats, we ought to consider these factors:

  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Social relationships
  • Exercise
  • Natural remedies

“Everything connects to everything, which connects to everything else. You can’t understand life in fragments.” — Susan Pitcairn

We believe that you must truly care if you are here on this webpage. Often when people have questions about their pet’s health, they look to a veterinarian, and sometimes the advice they receive can be narrowly focused, specified to that doctor’s particular area of knowledge and belief. While there are many wonderful veterinarians out there, historically, the field of veterinary medicine has had some critical flaws. To read more, see Holistic Veterinary Care.

NaturoPETic is a non-profit organization dedicating to helping animals. See About Us for more information. This website was created to educate, inform, and offer help. Mainstream veterinary care focuses heavily on vaccinations, steroids, and over-processed foods, all of which have been shown to cause disease. Unfortunately, all too often, when our veterinarian tells us our dog or cat has such a disease, we accept this fate as having been inevitable. But these illnesses can be prevented.

We welcome and urge you to peruse this site and use it to:

  • Improve your pet’s health
  • Improve your life
  • Prevent disease
  • Promote longevity

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