Fremont And SunriseProper nutrition is the best thing we can give our pets. Nutrition-minded veterinarians have seen countless “incurable” ailments resolved by switching to a species appropriate diet.

Many pet food companies spend a great deal on effective advertising, and less on quality ingredients. The invention of the dog biscuit in 1860 evolved into Purina. Later, Milkbone was marketed as a complete diet for dogs. It was during WWI that the pet food business blossomed because the military wanted a convenient food source for military dogs. Manufacturers responded with cheap kibble. Over the years, influential advertising succeeded at convincing pet owners that their pets’ health was dependent on commercial pet food.

In the past decade, more and more studies have been done on pet nutrition, a previously overlooked science. These studies show that dogs and cats develop fewer  diseases and live longer, healthier lives when they eat a diet that more  closely resembles the diets of their ancestors.

Over-processed commercial foods lack  many of the nutrients that were found in the natural, fresh foods of the  ancestors. They also contain cheap ingredients that  the ancestors didn’t ingest as their systems were evolving. A diet lacking in essential  nutrients and rife with cheap fillers causes diseases. These diseases have  become so commonplace that pet owners accept them as inevitable, without  examining the cause.

Those who believe our own diet affects our health, ought to consider the health ramifications of a proper diet for our pets – our faithful companions who rely on us. Humans chose to domesticate animals, and, in doing so, we put them at our mercy when it comes to their nutrition and health. Even if we opt to feed ourselves junk food, we have an obligation to feed our pets responsibly, because we chose to be responsible for them when we took them into our homes.

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