There’s no doubt that antibiotics were a life-saving discovery. However, overuse has caused some issues, particularly in the development of drug resistant bacteria.

pills2Antibiotics fight bacteria, protozoa, and fungi, and are supposed to be used to fight infection. They do not fight viruses. However, they are often prescribed when a virus is clearly the problem. Not only does this not help, but it’s not good for the immune system. And keeping our pets’ immune systems healthy is the best way we can prevent them from getting ill.

As well, allergic reactions can be deadly, and mating or pregnant animals on antibiotics can produce offspring with birth defects. Antibiotics also don’t just kill the bad bacteria, they kill the good bacteria, too. This causes yeast infections, indigestion, thrush, and ear infections.


Herbal and Naturopathic Help

Holistic veterinarians often triple the regular daily dose of vitamin C when an animal is on antibiotics. A healthy, natural diet with all essential nutrients is also very beneficial.

If your pet’s been dosed with antibiotics, follow up by giving them high quality acidophilus. It should be refrigerated and kept in an amber glass jar. Raw yogurt or kefir also helps to rebalance their healthy bacteria. Unpasteurized goat products are best. These can be hard to find, though, so at least make sure that the National Yogurt Association’s seal of “live and active cultures” is on the label.



Veterinary homeopaths almost never prescribe antibiotics because they have other methods that they have found more successful. Consult with an expert in this field before taking the remedy into your own hands. Each pet’s situation is different. One common homeopathic treatment for detoxification, in general, is Thuja.

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